Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Stamps - well new to me anyway, and some old ones

The finished page -

On this page, I decided to stamp up the flowers off the Hot Picks Plates 1010, 1009, 1011, 1205, 1206, 1204, and 1111.  I used the 3 large bottles from HP 1205, 1203 and 1204.  Other stamps used are from The Ink and The Dog Collection - Man of Number Plate 6; from the Urban Snapshots Collection - Passing Time plates 2 and 4; and the new Eclectica Collection ESN01, ESN05 and ESN07. 

The other supplies you'll need are Fresco paints.  These are the ones I used for the background-

I used others for colouring but I also used Letraset Aqua markers which are like a watercolour marker.  Use an Aquash water brush over the top and the marker moves like watercolour paint.

I used a few odd bits and pieces, like a label from the new Food Shop that's opened up near here, pages from an old book and washi tape.

Here's the background after painting. It was greener than it looked in this scan

Next Stamp the images.  You need to mask some of the flowers so that the background girls from Passing Time fit.  If the girl image doesn't fit snuggly up to the flower use a copic marker to "colour" in the girl so that it meets the stamped flower image.  Here's what it looks like with all the images stamped over the background.

Next Colour the images, using paints, markers whatever you have on hand.

Then add more stamping, bits and pieces of word from an old book or dictionary, date stamp and the postage stamps. Have fun.  I did.

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Leandra Franich said...

Nice pages!!! Hope your birthday was Ace!! Thanks for sharing with us all.